How to Clean Silver WITHOUT Nasty Chemicals

Since ancient times, silver has been a valuable precious metal that has been, and continues to be, used in several applications, including dining utensils and jewelry. It is beautiful, strong and relatively lightweight. However, its beauty does not last forever except under extremely sterile conditions, which most people are unable

DIY: How to Clean a Front Loading Washing Machine

When you open your clothes dryer’s door, you naturally expect to enjoy the scent of freshly laundered clothes. However, when your favourite-smelling laundry detergent and fabric softener scents are replaced by the putrid, musty smell of mould, your first inclination may be to immediately toss the entire load back into

How to Fix a Zipper: 11 Annoying Problems & Solutions

For more than 120 years, zippers have been helping keep pants and dresses in place and fastening bags and purses. The handy edge-to-edge closure they provide has a lot of benefits over, for example, the gaps created by buttons, or snaps that pull apart under pressure. These convenient tools work

How to Remove Scratches From Glass: 4 Easy Ways

There is nothing more frustrating than buying a brand new glass coffee table to see only moments later the appearance of a scratch. Very easily done, scratches in glass can really damage the overall look – even if it’s only the size of a fingernail, for some reason it stands

How to Clean a Burnt Pot: 7 Easy Methods

Cooking can be fun and therapeutic, but we know as much as anyone how boring the cleaning part can be. Because of this, we’ve tried to prevent the pot (and the delicious food inside) from getting burnt. We kept an eye on the stove, but there was always something that

How to Clean Grouting for Squeaky Clean Bathrooms & Kitchens

It’s one of the most common enemies of bathrooms and kitchens. Tiles with dirty, discoloured grout. Even the word seems to have a military-style personality all of its own. It’s tough and immovable. Grout is a porous material, most commonly cement, that fills the cracks and spaces between tiles. It

How Long to Cook a Roast Chicken for a Fool Proof Roast Every-Time

Roast chicken is a staple of the modern diet and something that brings families closer together. With that said, there’s considerable confusion about how to cook it properly and for how long. In this post, we’re going to take a look at the different methods for roasting chicken as well

What EXACTLY is Fair Wear and Tear for Rental Properties?

If you’re a long-term renter, you know the drill. You hand over a big wad of cash as a security deposit to your landlord, sign the relevant documents, and then move in. At first, the deposit seems like a good idea. You pay some money to your landlord upfront, and